Discover the Watch-Discuss-Meditate concept

An original concept created by the Heartfulness Institute
and the film team A Quest for Meaning

The partner movies

A Quest for Meaning (87 minutes)

Produced by Marc de la Ménardière

and Nathanael Coste

A Quest for Meaning tells the story of two childhood friends who go around the world to meet the great thinkers of our time. This initiatory travel full of doubts and joys, questions the collective beliefs that shape Western civilization. It reflects a change in consciousness motivated by the desire to live in harmony with oneself and the world.

About Watch-Discuss-Meditate event

What is a Watch-Discuss-Meditate event?

The Heartfulness Institute has partnered with the film documentary A Quest for Meaning to create a new type of event: The watch-discuss-meditate event. It is a format in which there is a screening of the film followed by a Heartfulness meditation and discussion on the themes of the film.
This event is a way to create bonds between people and to deepen the realizations that might have awoken during the film, thanks to the discussion and the meditation. This experience makes this concept unique and creates a new approach, alive and original

The first meetings in 2016

The first participants underlined the originality of these events, their inner depth and the awareness experienced with this Watch-Discuss-Meditate concept. This enthusiasm naturally led to a first partnership between the Kamea Meah association who produced and distributed the film A Quest for Meaning and the Heartfulness Institute.

Since then, impressed by this concept, other producers wished to share this adventure and have organized Watch-Discuss-Meditate events with the Heartfulness Institute: Alex Ferrini with the film Our Inner Revolution and Jan Kounen with the film Darshan.

Meaningful partnerships are emerging: the adventure continues !



Transform our vision of the world following a film screening

The aim is to discover films or documentaries shedding a fresh light on the present time.All the films available for the Watch-Discuss-Meditate events observe the way our world works and aim to raise awareness in our capacity to affect change.

Let the film resonate and share your views.



Let the film resonate and exchange views

The objectives of the event: to share the vision and the values of a film, to explore the possibilities of change and transformation that the film suggests and above all to offer an original and unique way to raise awareness and create links between people. 



Continue the experiment with a relaxation and a meditation on the heart

Because the heart is the most beautiful and mysterious thing that we possess, the aim is to experiment both the relaxation and meditation on the heart stemming from Raja Yoga. This enables us to extend the awareness that emerged during the film and integrate it in our daily lives.



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